pink clouds

hand stitched leather treasures with a purpose

Fleur de Lis leather brooch 

Fleur de Lis leather brooch 

Brenda Campillo is the creative designer and maker at Pink Clouds.   At a very early age, she learned sewing basics from her Mom and Tia; first with a needle and thread and later with a vintage Singer.  She continued to make her garments through high school all which included detailed hand embroidery with ribbon and appliqués.  

Inspired by nature, travel and the beauty of every day life, Brenda designs and personally hand-stitches all products at Pink Clouds.  Each treasure  is created with attention to detail --one stitch at a time--resulting in very unique and intricately stitched wearable pieces of art.  

In an effort to keep leather out of domestic and international landfills, Brenda repurposes leather from garments and purses purchased from local thrift stores. She also works with genuine American leather and leather imported from France, Italy and Spain to add a pop of color to her accessories.  She uses fine cotton thread imported from France as well as cotton thread cultivated and grown in the USA.   

All material at Pink Clouds is sourced from companies with  eco-conscious, fair labor and sustainable practices.  

Brenda's mission is to hand craft pretty little treasures made with sustainable, eco-consciously produced materials and to inspire others to buy locally handmade products they can feel proud of. 

..pretty little treasures, hand made in the U.S.A